Series 4000 Aluminum Plank Doors
CMI Series 4000 Aluminum Plank Doors utilize interlocking tubular aluminum shapes, compositely secured with three or more internal steel tie rods, to provide years of unmatched durability, beauty and low maintenance for all your entrance door needs. Custom built to customer specifications and combined with the inherent beauty of anodized or painted finishes, your designs benefit with unsurpassed beauty and performance for all aluminum entrance door applications.


  • 1 3/4" x 4" interlocking tubular aluminum extrusion construction
  • Typical wall thickness is .100" with hinge and lock stile end walls thickened to .187"
  • Interlocking components joined by a minimum of three 3/8" diameter steel tie rods
  • Top and bottom edges finished with an aluminum trim cap
  • Factory fabricated vision kit option
  • 1/4" and 1" glazing compatible using butyl glazing tape(exterior) and EPDM wedge gasket(interior)
  • Custom variable widths available in 2" increments
  • BOLD LINE, #10 FLUTED PATTERN or SMOOTH extrusion face finish pattern options
  • Compatible with the full line of CMI aluminum framing systems
  • Compatible with a wide range of standard and custom operating hardware
  • Intermediate plank cavities can be filled with 1.6 pcf density polyisocyanurate board insulation
  • Full spectrum color choice in Anodized or high performance Kynar resin based paint coatings

Project: Series 4000 Aluminum Plank Door
Location: Minneapolis, MN