"Elephant" Door Assemblies
CMI "Elephant Doors" are an innovative specialty application of an aluminum framing system with stile-and-rail doors developed to create large, unobstructed access portals to interior building spaces while simultaneously appearing to be and functioning as a standard pedestrian entrance system. Popular with large regional shopping malls for the convenience of access for large interior displays or equipment, they also function well for specialty access to office building and sporting/events complex lobby areas where overhead doors or other access openings are unavailable, unattractive or were not included as an original component of building design and construction.


  • All CMI door styles and features available for this application
  • Select CMI framing systems and features compatible for use with assemblies
  • Refer to PRODUCTS pages of this website for general system details and information
  • For project specific design, please contact your Architectural Services Representative

Project: Dick's Sporting Goods
Location: Minneapolis, MN